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REACT for Windows now available!

REACT for Windows -- experience the desktop computing power and convenience of simulating and modeling chemical mechanisms.

REACT for Windows features

  • an easy to use graphical interface for the entry of mechanistic data, 
  • an efficient and powerful differential equation integration algorithm, and 
  • the ability to display and print calculated results in tabulated and plotted formats. 

REACT for Windows runs on any personal computer with a Microsoft Windows operating system.

Alchemy Software

Software for the simulation and modeling of chemical mechanisms for use by chemists in research laboratories and by academic institutions M. J. Manka, Ph.D.
M.J. Manka, Ph.D.

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REACT for Windows can be used to model experimental data to determine kinetic rate coefficients and test mechanistic hypotheses.  It can also be used to simulate complex mechanisms to predict the time dependence of reaction species concentrations to optimize synthetic processes or other chemical processes, e.g. atmospheric and combustion chemistry.  It is also an excellent tool for teaching chemical kinetics and reactivity or any other area of chemistry or chemical engineering where kinetics is an important component.
Read the review of REACT for Windows in the
Journal of Chemical Education (J. Chem. Educ.)

Some important features of the program include:

  • the ability to create mechanisms with as many as 85 distinct species,
  • a mechanism editor which monitors and prevents erroneous entries and is used to edit mechanistic data,
  • the use of flexible nomenclature in naming reaction species,
  • the automatic bookkeeping of mechanism species within the mechanism,
  • the use of reaction times which can include specific values as well as values in a linear or geometric series,
  • a built-in rate coefficient calculator to calculate rate coefficients based on Arrhenius parameters,
  • the calculation of species concentrations and concentration derivatives at each specified reaction time,
  • the ability to display results in tabular format in any arbitrary order,
  • the ability to display plots of up to five data items at one time,
  • the ability to print reports of any or all of the data,
  • the ability to print plots of the displayed results,
  • a comprehensive on-line Help function, and
  • the familiar Windows interface.
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REACT for Windows
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