4 Types of Skin Diseases That You Must Know About

Skin diseases can be serious conditions if left untreated. The problem with skin disease is that these are usually visible on the skin. So, if you have it on the face, neck, hands and other prominent areas that are not covered with cloth, then it becomes difficult to go among the public. People tend to look at you differently and you feel bad about your appearance as well. But there is more to skin diseases; these can be severe and cause other health issues, even death. Here are some types of skin diseases that you must know about.


You will have itchy and red patches on your skin. This happens due to joint problems and sleep disturbances. If you have suffered a fracture or bone injury then also you are likely to have eczema.


This type of skin disease causes swelling and scaling. You will see the skin turning red with silvery scales. These are seen mostly in elbows, knees, legs, face, lower back, and other areas. You must visit a doctor for the diagnosis of your condition.


You will see red lines under the skin, redness, and swollen nose. This condition can be examined under a microscope. Though it can’t be treated completely, there are ways to control this skin condition.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is very common all over the world. Squamous cell cancer and basal cell cancer are formed on the face, head, hands, neck, and other regions. Melanoma is also a type of skin cancer.

These are all serious skin diseases that must be treated immediately. Otherwise, some of these diseases may become life-threatening. You must visit a dermatologist whenever you see any symptom of skin disease.